White Croc Bar Stool

I think all the knowledge gathered by our ancestors is inherited by us at some unconscious level, maybe in our genes, maybe in our DNA. The fact is that people nowadays still love animal skins very much, I could say as much as back when they were forced to hunt in order to have something to eat.

Now they can have all the ecological clothes and shoes there are, all made of materials that do not harm animals, but they still want something at least remotely similar with animal prints, animal skin and so on. This White Croc Bar Stool is very popular and my guess is because it is covered with White Faux Croc Leather.

The item is very fine and it is rather classy, perfect for an elegant bar. It is white and shiny, with long metal legs and faux leather. The four legs are neatly connected together and glued to a stainless steel frame that continues with the short back rest. The cushion covering the seat and the back rest is soft and comfortable and makes your body feel great even in upright position. There is also a metal foot rest and the frame gives the stool stability. You can have it for $295.

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