What’s Inside the China Cabinet: Organized & Styled

Whether it’s called a China cabinet or a hutch in your neck of the woods, the goal is the same; style and organize your dining room or kitchen area.With a large, yet beautiful, piece of furniture you’ve got a place to entertain from, store your most beautiful pieces and organize too.

Maybe you like something a little more modern or edgy, or maybe you like a bit of vintage flavor; whatever the case, it’s important that you know how to pack, style and tidy up everything that goes inside your cabinets. So, let’s get inspired and see how others are doing it, shall we? Let’s take a peek inside the China cabinet and figure out how to make ours work for our own homes.

1. Show off the Settings.

Some of us have one solid set of China that we’ve been in love with since our wedding day. So, it’s only natural that you’d want to store it away for safekeeping, yet show it off during your casual dinner days. Not to mention, this China cabinet, has a super bold style, complimented by the simple, white dishes.

2. Matchy-matchy things.

And other times, the right cabinet can be used to infuse and transform the room. Take this cabinet for example, stuffed with decor that matches the space, the entire dining area has a sense of bright vivaciousness. Every piece inside matches the ethos of the room.

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3. All of the Extras.

Sometimes having an extra piece of furniture, like a China cabinet, is really just to hide away your extra pieces. From mugs to antiques you’ve collected along the way, it’s such a special way to display and organized your favorites. It also makes it easier to get to them whenever the time comes to use them!

4. Calling the Bartender!

If you entertain a lot, a simple bar cart may not do the trick. Instead, use that old hutch your mom passed down to you and turn it into ‘the bar’ area of your home. It’ll be a perfect way to entertain all of your family and friends during the holidays without becoming a mess. Instead, it’s quite a classy way to do the job.

5. A Miniature Closet.

Turn that beautiful China cabinet into a dainty, delicate new wardrobe for your little one! What a fantastic idea, right? We also love this idea as a way to store all of your household linens in a sophisticated, gorgeous way!

6. Books & Stuff.

The books can fit inside too. Instead of a classic bookshelf, bring in a piece with more personality to load all of your entertainment needs … but not in terms of dining, but actually reading, gaming and media entertainment.

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7. Casual Necessities.

If you just don’t have the space in your kitchen to hold your plates and dining essentials, it’s okay to use your cabinet to tuck away your casual, everyday necessities. It’s just done in a much more stylish way then stacking them inside your kitchen pantries.

8. Hidden Hobbies.

Your China cabinet could also be a way to hide and organize your hobbies. Maybe you like to collect crystal candy dishes or love everything with a ‘tea party’ style, this is the perfect way to show off your beautiful finds. We love how this small hutch was changed into a ‘tea’ corner!

9. Party Time!

Rearrange your china cabinet into a party headpiece. Use it to entertain and to decorate during a dining room celebration, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a cabinet with this much personality!

10. Crafting Corners.

Maybe you’ve got an extra hutch to place in the craft room. It sure is a stylish and beautiful way to help organize all of your crafting necessities, paper products and boxes of embellishments, don’t you think?



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