Wave Wall-Mounted System For Your Home

Today’s inspired piece is a wall-mounted system that can dress your walls and give you the space you need to store items. Designed by Bruno Fattorini and Robin Rizzini, this wall system has a linear and simultaneously dynamic design.

This piece is the result of the designer’s reflections on the recent history of the company and its design philosophy, which is “a quest for simplicity, combined with an innovative appearance that is never disconnected from functionality”. The change of depth and reduced shelf thickness provide versatility in use and also create a visual effect that looks like waves moving through the sea. This gives the system an appearance of lightness, without compromising its performance.

Wave comprises wall-mounted panels, storage units with shelves, and individual storage units which can be composed to create free-standing or wall-mounted configurations offering great functionality. Panels are available in the finishes white and cement. The shelves are made of 9mm thick solid surface white acrylic, as well as the cabinets. The door is made of white aluminum sheet.

The lovely Wave system is a great way to hide your everyday clutter, or to display items, or to put your TV on it. Moreover the panel can be set up to allow the passage of cables for the TV or other electronic equipment. What do you think?

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