Wall Mounted Corner Cabinet

When your child starts moving around the house and grabbing things, your whole universe moves higher and I mean it literally. You must store all the things that used to be on the floor at least 50 cm higher because the baby is too  small to read and does not know what is right and what is wrong , so it is prone to accidents. So when I had my first child I though of a cabinet where I could store all the medicines and other dangerous things like that. The solution was a Wall Mounted Corner Cabinet. First of all it is wall mounted, so the kids won’t reach it. Second of all, it is placed in the corner, so it uses a space that was never used, saving enough space, which is a clever solution in my opinion.

The cabinet has a minimal and modern design and is divided in two by an inner shelf. It closes with two opposing doors and has a very nice colour, as it is made from birch hardwood plywood, Jatoba veneer and maple veneer. You can use it for storing whatever you need to and can now be bought for $499 from Vurv Design.

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