Vintage Hayden media chest

If you’re looking for a special piece of furniture to add in your living room or even in the bedroom, Hayden might be the perfect one for you. Hayden is a low profile media chest with a traditional design and a vintage touch. It could look beautiful in a traditional home but modern and contemporary homes are not excluded. In the right décor anything can look good, especially if you have an eye for patterns and colors.

Hayden is also more than just a place for the TV. It’s also a very practical and functional storage system. It has open shelving where you can store things like books, CDs, DVDs or other small objects. It also features four drawers for additional storage space and one divided shelf.

The design is elegant with stylish details. The piece is handcrafted from solid birch so it’s study and durable and can support the weight of the TV and all the other items you can store inside. It has primavera veneers and an off-white finish with silvery accents. This, together with the design, creates a beautiful vintage, even antique look. Hayden measures 68.5″W x 20.5″D x 25″T and it can be purchased at the price of $1.899.00. It would make a beautiful addition in the living room or even in the bedroom if you prefer a TV in there.

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