Vintage Fir Bed With Storage

Beds are not usually something you would consider to be a storage unit. However, this one can successfully fulfill two functions. It’s both a bed and a functional storage unit. The Fir bed is particularly useful in small homes where space is a problem. It allows you to have two functional pieces of furniture in one.

The Fir bed is apparently a common piece just like any other. However, it hides several storage spaces and they are hidden in plain sight. The bed features six cubbies hidden inside the bed’s frame. It’s a clever mix and a practical solution for small homes. The storage spaces featured inside the bed’s frame are handcrafted and they can be used to store items such as blankets, pillows and bedding along with other items usually useful in the bedroom. You can also use some of these cubbies to store your favorite books that you like reading before going to sleep.

The Fir bed is a wonderful piece of furniture for the bedroom. It’s simple and very practical as it helps you keep the room clean and organized, eliminated clutter and it also helps you save space. It has a sturdy platform bed and it’s available in three different hand-waxed eco finishes. The Fir bed is made in USA and it comes in three sizes: QUEEN 60.5″W x 82″L x 36″H, KING 76.5″W x 82″L x 36″H, CAL KING 72.5″W x 86″L x 36″H.The price for the Fir beds varies between $2650 and $2850.

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