Very beautiful and stylish coffee table by Maya Rozental

Gemstones is the name of a graduation project created by Maya Rozental from H.I.T. Israel for industrial design. It’s a very beautiful combination of structures that resemble moon rocks and glass. It’s like a minimalist design at the limit between nature and industry.

Even though the rock and glass coffee table is impressive as it is, the Gemstones project also includes a comfortable chair that matches the first creation. Maya Rozental chose a yin yang approach for this project by fusing together raw rocks with indoor furniture. In order to let the rocks be the center of attention, she used glass for the rest. The result was a very beautiful and stylish coffee table that would look wonderful in any interior.

The matching chair borrowed the texture and shape from the same rocky surfaces and it uses thermoforming technology that makes it look rigid but soft at the same time. The chair basically resembles a large pile of rocks. It doesn’t sound like a very comfortable structure to sit on but it’s softer and cozyer than it looks. The two pieces, the table and the chair, complete each other and together they form a very stylish combination for the living room. It would look best in a modern or contemporary décor, in a spacious and bright living room for example.

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