Versatile Zoe side table

Side tables, mostly like coffee tables, have become a must-have in the past few years. The reason is that they are both functional and practical and can serve as a small storage area for all types of items, and decorative items themselves, especially since the majority of side tables have exquisite designs with beautiful details carved in their structure.

Zoe is a special side table with a particularly interesting design. It’s shaped like a barrel and this makes it instantly become an eye-catching and focal point of attention. Regardless of the room you decide to place it in, Zoe will immediately spice up the décor, adding texture and beauty to the room. This side table is handcrafted from brass and features a very beautiful antique finish. Zoe measures 19″ in diameter and it’s 18’’ tall.

The interesting part is that this side table can also be used a decorative item for the garden where it can also act as a seat. The material is suited for both indoor and outdoor use and the design is perfect for any of the locations. Zoe would instantly integrate in any décor. It’s a very versatile piece and it also has an eye-catching design that can’t go unnoticed, wherever you place it. Zoe can be purchased for a price of $649.00.

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