Unusual Flower Pots and Containers Made Of Unexpected Materials

Everyone knows that terracotta pots are practical and very accessible but by now everyone is also tired of their designs. So if you want to break the monotony and display your plants in a more distinguished and interesting way, look for planters and pots that have unusual shapes or are made of unusual materials. This always gives them an unexpected look and makes them stand out.


Tired of the same old vases? How about something different? Perhaps a sculptural vase with an abstract design would be a good option. Even better, the vase could be made of an unusual material for such an accessory such as metal. The combination between delicate flowers and stainless steel is definitely unexpected. These containers are hand made so each one is unique. You can treat the design as a DIY challenge or come up with your own.

Smith steel flower pot

Steel is a more suitable material option for flower pots designed to be used outdoors. Somehow, the rigidity of the material seems less striking when surrounded by rocks, trees and natural landscape. The Smith pots are simple and made of thin steel profiles, one serving as a base and the other forming the actual container. Available in a small and large version, they also come in a variety of bold colors.

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Steel flower pot domani

The same material was also used by Domani when creating the Steel flower pots. In case the name wasn’t suggestive enough, the pots have very straightforward designs and are powder coated with a textured matte finish. This gives them a look that goes well with industrial decors.

Titta copper flower pot

For the Titta-Daisy flower pots, manufacturer A.U.Esse chose to use metal as a way to give it a solid look. The result is a design that’s simple but also interesting and unmistakable. It’s composed of two elements. One is a solid support frame reminiscent of modern outdoor benches and the other is the container itself which is made of steel.

Zink low flower pot

The most defining characteristic of the Zinc-Low Labyrinth planter is its durability. Aesthetically speaking, however, it has a graceful look thanks to the curved forms and organic design. The pots and made of titanium-zinc plates secured together with tin. They contain a 4% quantity of silver and they oxidize when exposed to humid environments. This means that they develop a light gray patina over time.

Marble flower pots

Marble is another durable, elegant and also not very common material when it comes to flower pots, whether they’re designed for indoor or for outdoor use. The Suiteki planters have simple design featuring clean lines and a square form. They’re made of Carrara marble and they’re ideal for alrge plants or small trees.

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Curved marble flower pot

The 4U planter is also made of marble but its design is quite different from the everything presented so far. Its shape is circular and also asymmetrical, this giving it a particularly interesting and eye-catching look. Because marble stays cool, this pot is exactly what a plant needs during summer. The 4U pot was designed by Giuseppe Venuta for Franchi Umberto Marmi.

Plis wooden flower pot

Although very common in a lot of other accessories and furniture pieces, wood is not usually used in planters. The Polis planter is here to show us just how beautiful wood can be when used outdoors and when combined with green plants and vegetation. In addition to serving as a planter, this piece also doubles as a seating unit.



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