Unusual Animal Shaped Mirrors by Creazioni

Mirrors are interior items which cannot be absent from a house, especially when you have girls. Recently I have discovered that our little daughter who is only one year old has a special place where she goes the first time every morning. This place is the huge mirror from our bedroom. She loves to see her there and there she puts some of her toys. Girls are usually attracted to mirrors especially when they are little. There they can watch their face for the first time and try to understand how they look like.

Besides their useful part, mirrors can also become some wonderful decorative items. Take for example these unusual mirrors. They are designed by the Italian company Creazioni and look very special.

The Pingui(penguin) and Orso(bear) mirrors take the shape of these animals. They can decorate your hall or living room so beautifully and add to your interiors a certain natural touch. Their appearance will remind you of those cold places of the world where these animals live. Those who love these animals will also declare themselves thrilled with such nice pieces. Kids will also manifest their joy the moment they notice them as they are so attractive and funny.

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There is another mirror called Anna which for the contrary does not take the shape of an animal. Anna represents some round –cut mirrors which are arranged and mounted to a metal frame. It features an abstract design which is perfect for any modern interior.All these unusual mirrors will definitely make you spend more time in front of them than you usually used to!



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