Unique wall mirrors from Opulent items

If you place a mirror in front of a cat it will think it’s another cat there and will try to scare it away because animals do not recognize their appearance in the mirror. People not only recognize it, but they simply love looking at themselves in the mirror and getting “pretty” for a date for for showing off at the Mall. Women are famous for spending hours in front of the mirror when putting their make up on, but all the men use them, too. We all have mirrors and use them even for checking if the clothes look right.

My point is that mirrors are functional objects that help you see your own reflection in them. However, there are lots of mirrors that are used only as decorative objects that look cool on the walls of your house or have both a decorative and functional purpose. Let’s take for example this beautiful heart shaped mirror that is actually made of many smaller heart shaped mirrors. It is mainly decorative, but you can see its face in it, even if divided in fragments.

These mirrors are totally functional, but because they are so many and have different sizes, you can use them to create a personalized design by simply arranging them in different ways in order to obtain nice and modern designs on the wall.

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Somehow I seriously doubt that you can use this mirror for finding a new white hair on top of your head. Though it looks great in the hallway.

Talking about creativity – those guys from Opulent items outdid themselves when they designed this amazing mirror that is shaped like a bird. It’s an work of art and it is made of finely refined polished stainless steel. You can see your face reflected in it, but you’d better use the bathroom mirror for that and let this one be an ornament.



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