Unique plate decorations from the antique collection

Plates are basically made for one purpose: to be used at the dinner table or in general, to eat from. However, some of them also make nice decorations. It’s not a very common choice but still, it exists. Here’s a very generous collection of plates that you can browse through. It includes all sorts of interesting designs and prints and you can use them either at the dinner table or as decorations.

Some of the designs include prints like a blue Spock portrait, Sid and Nancy, Brutus the Boxer and many others. A thing they all share in common is the fact that they are all antique plates and they are worth to be in a collection. They are one-of-a-kind items and even though some might seem really odd, they’re both unique and beautiful in their own way.

We found this impressive and extensive collection on etsy.com in a category called Beat Up Creations. There are dozens of different plates there and most of them represent portraits. The prices vary according to the model, the size and the particularities of that product but most of them cost under $50. These are precious items that have been abandoned by their owners but that still have a lot of potential. Some of them are really rare and beautiful and deserve to have a new loving home.

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