Unique Handmade Bentley Furniture Available on Auction

If you’re a fan of Bentley cars then you probably wish you could take a piece of these beauties with your inside the house. Since you need to let the car in the garage, there’s not much you could do about it, until a genius mind thought to create a series of unique pieces from parts of Bentley cars.Now the collectors and fans of this luxurious brand can take a piece of their beloved car inside where they can admire it and even use it as a furniture piece.

The collection includes a series of handcrafted pieces, more exactly 25 unique pieces, including a chess set with aluminum pieces and a veneered board, a polished v8 engine Bentley Mulsanne that has been turned into a stylish coffee table as well as a cutlery set created for Robert Welch, featuring an engraved Bentley emblem.

You can now bid online on at the Goodwood Revival Festival from 16 to 18 of September. And if you’re just curious but don’t necessarily want to go home with one of these items, you can just catch a glimpse of them at the Bentley dealership later in the year. I’m sure a lot of men will find this collection a dream come true. It might take them a while to convince their wives that having a v8 engine as a coffee table is a good idea, but that’s the least of their problems.{found on Autoblog}

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