Unique Branch Furniture Inspired By Nature

We always look for new ideas and interesting concepts pertaining to the world of interior design. Our latest discovery is the product design brand called Ginger & Jagger. It was launched in Europe in 2012 and it specializes in handcrafted high-end products inspired by nature. They have a lot of interesting creations that were built using branches. They’re stylish and they target modern and contemporary settings and decors. Using a blend of exotic materials, sculptural shapes and artisanal techniques, the company offers a series of truly intriguing pieces which we’ll analyze a bit in the following paragraphs.


The first design that caught our eye is the one of the Flora bookcase. This graceful piece of furniture has a sleek and sculptural frame made entirely out of wood branches.


To give the branches strength and stability, they were molded in cast brass. This allowed them to maintain their uniqueness while being enveloped in a new material meant to contrast with the idea at the base of the design.


The bookcase has clear glass shelves which give it a particularly lightweight and transparent look meant to emphasize the frame. The conceptual simplicity of the design makes this bookcase surprisingly versatile.

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The Fig Tree console has a name that speaks for itself. As you can see, the legs are actually branches. They’re fig tree branches that have been covered in brass. They sustain a lacquered and robust top which contrasts with the golden base, emphasizing the lightness of the table. The top incorporates two generous storage drawers with a subtle metal rim.


This is Rosebush, an elegant and unique coffee table with a sculptural and eye-catching base. As the name of the product suggests, the base of the table is made out of rosebush branches molded in brass casting. The dimensions of this piece allow it to be multifunctional so you can safely assume it would also make a really great side table for a modern space.


The top is simple and solid, designed to contrast with the base and to complement it with its design. A version with a glass top is also available.


The designs created by this company try to go back to the basics and to find inspiration in the primitive beauty of nature. That’s how furniture pieces such as the Primitive console table were born.


Like all their other products, this table incorporates tree branches cast in brass. They form a beautiful base that supports the marble top and the overall design is similar to that of a tree, with the base being the trunk and the top being the canopy.

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Each product has a name suggestive of the type of wood used or the inspiration behind its design. This is the Magnolia sideboard. It has a simple and compact body that rests on sculptural magnolia tree branches cast in brass. It features four storage compartments.


The accessory that complements all these gorgeous furniture pieces is the Vine mirror. It has a frame that’s handmade from vine branches from Douro Valley. The frame loops around three oval-shaped mirrors linking and highlighting them.



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