Unique and Modern Victorian Furniture For Your Home

Victorian styles date back to the reign of Queen Victoria throughout the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Sought from the British culture, this interior design genre is made with feminine details, intricate lines and beautiful shapes. Subdued, touchable tones and gilded pieces all come together to create beautiful living rooms, bedrooms and luxurious bathrooms. Let’s take a look at some beautiful Victorian furniture pieces that hold a unique,modern twist and can completely transform any room of the house.

1. Tufts and Stuff.

This bold and powerful kind bed has all the charm of Victorian style, with it’s tufted foundation and pretty shapes and details, but also a very fresh and modern take on the old-age spirits.{found on fab}.

2. A Modern Take.

The creamy whites and fresh fabrics on these Victorian-inspired accent chairs give them a more contemporary look. But the fine detailing the woodwork and bones exemplify the beauty and feminine qualities of this class of styling.{found on molapro}.

3. Dainty Bedside Looks.

We’re loving this girlish and gorgeous bedside chest. It’s a great addition to a neutral room full of small nuances built on a Victorian vision.{found on moderncountrystyle}.

4. Black and White Addition.

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The addition of the black and white loveseat in this eclectic, modern home is such a win for contemporary style. Black and white is a timeless combination and the lines and detailing of this Victorian piece pop even more so when dressed in the pairing.{found on ninainterior}.

5. Cranberry Corner Love.

Not only is this deep cranberry reminiscent of the Victorian era but so is its shapely nature. This is a beautiful addition to any corner of the house from the foyer or the dining room.{found on volatilephoto}.

6. Neutral Bedroom Foundation.

When you dress a Victorian piece in a contemporary neutral, you truly get the best of both worlds. Just look at this charcoal bed full of 19th century charm and fashion-forward appeal. And notice the matching bed table and hanging mirror.{found imagine-living}.

7. Golden Bare Bones.

Dressed in gold, this brass bed has a great amount of Victorian infusion. The lines and the metals speak of castle-like visions and princess escapes.{found on site}.

8. Re-imagined Styled Sofa.

If you find a true, vintage piece from the Victorian era, a bit of reupholstering could bring it into present-day trends but keep the charm and beauty of its historical style.

9. Hot Pink Chaise.

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We’re head-over-heels for this hot pink, tufted chaise full of Victorian personality. It pops in this eclectic living room while adding the right amount of gentle antiquity.

10. Small Tufted Additions

The simple addition of a tufted ottoman can add a Victorian aire. Dressed in mustard, the color “of the moment,” this piece takes on a blend



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