Union Panorama Fiberglass Bench

Who doesn’t love big open spaces? But there is a problem with them. That large amount of free space that makes them so great poses a problem regarding perspective and the slightly distorted reality. Why is that? When you drive along road mountains and you see white peaks on the horizon they appear closer and lower than they really are because of their height compared to the things close to you.

That’s a problem with big spaces as well. If we take a look at this picture with the turquoise bench that has nothing else but space around it, therefore nothing to compare perspectives, it looks like a children’s. But when our eyes meet the second picture, with the red bench, painting and a woman we see the true size of our object. The reason why I’m telling you this is because you have to understand how difficult it was for Jangir Maddadi to create both a functional item that can accommodate up to 12 persons and a decorative element for large museum chambers, luxury hotels and large shopping areas.

Available in a great variety of colors this piece really makes you appreciate the value of the public space. Their quality is extraordinary mainly because these things are made by fiberglass craftsmen in Sweden that used to make luxury yachts. The price is out of the question for now because it depends very much on the degree of the customization each client wants. Expensive or not this Union Panorama fiberglass bench sure makes a difference in any modern institution.

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