TV Swivel Concepts – Very Practical And Perfect For Modern Homes

There’s not a day when I don’t have to move the TV a little bit so it sits at the right angle. It gets frustrating although it’s such a simple thing to do. It would be much more easier and more practical to have a TV with a swivel. This connection would allow the TV to rotate horizontally or vertically, making it easier for the user to find the perfect angle.

This unit serves as a dividing wall between the living room and another social space

There are numerous ways in which you can achieve that and they don’t all involve a cylindrical swivel. For example, you could have the TV mounted on a platform or on a surface which rotates or you could mount it on a rotating wall.

The swivel allows users to watch TV from both rooms

You could have to think about these options before you decorate your place although it’s possible to find the perfect solution even after everything is decided.

A similar concept can be seen here where the TV is mounted on a rotating wallHide your TV in the kitchen island and rotate it at the perfect angleThis concept doesn’t force you to mount the TV on a specific wall
It also lets you put the TV in the center of the room and rotate it accordinglyWith this type of TV pole mount you can put the TV anywhere you wantSome TV swivels have stop points you can customizeA smart use of space and great use of the rotating TV mountA TV swivel is also very practical in hotel rooms, not just private homesThe TV wall is the focal point in this open space apartmentYou can find lots of different ways to take advantage of this feature

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A TV that you can rotate is perfect for the games room if you enjoy playing kinect games. Then you can adjust the sensor at the perfect height and angle and this will make your gameplay that much more enjoyable. The living room could also use such a feature, especially if it’s a large one part of an open space. This way you can rotate the TV so you can watch your favorite programme while cooking, while sitting on the sofa or while dusting the shelves. Of course, such a practical feature can find its way in any room of the house.

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