Tuvan Console Table with Drawers

I love large hallways and I also love seeing a small table there. i know there very few people think it is appropriate to have a table in the hallway, but I do and I love them. It is necessary to have a very narrow table that will only hold the necessary stuff like your keys, a small lamp, a phone and maybe some accessories. But this table is so important for the general design of the hallway, as it makes it more personal and beautiful. For example this Tuvan Console Table with Drawers is the perfect accessory for any home, bringing elegance and style and welcoming you the minute you enter the door.

The table is white and made from MDF with beechwood legs and you can even place it in the bedroom or living room. There is also the possibility to order it in ivory if you want to, which goes pretty well with the shiny chrome or brass knobs. As you can see, there is also some space underneath, so that you can push the stools there and this will turn into your favourite spot in the house whether you sit there for a few minutes when putting on your shoes or maybe looking for some unimportant things in the drawers. The item is now available for £300.00.

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