Triplo wardrobe

In order to have a stylish and inviting bedroom you’ll need more than just a comfortable bed. Another very important piece of funriture is the wardrobe. I’ve always imagined that my bedroom will have a huge bed and a large wardrobe by its side, with glass doors and no other details. I’ve finally found my perfect wardrobe. Now let’s see if it’s the perfect choice for you too.

Triplo is a triple wardrobe with sliding doors. As for the finish., there are several options available. You can either opt for the black-stained oak veneer for a simple but elegant look or, if you want something different and more interesting, you can choose the black glass or acrylic. Glass is a very god choice for several reasons. Its nature allows it to also be used as mirror. This gives the impression of a larger space, it saves you the trouble of finding an actual mirror that would also take space and it’s also an ingenious way to spice up the couple;s life, especially when the bed faces the wardrobe.

The dimensions of this elegant piece are H90 x W148 1/4 x D26. In order to give the user some freedom, the interior of the wardrobe can be customized according to the owner’s needs and preferences. Overall, it’s a very elegant and stylish piece of furniture that will turn any bedroom into a lovely place.Available on stores.

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