Triangle Wood Base Coffee Table

Normally coffee tables are round. Or at least we got used to this shape for coffee tables. But it does not mean that all of them must be round because it is even refreshing to see something different every once in a while. For example this nice Triangle wood base coffee table is perfect for the modern homes we have now. It is made of glass, so pretty cool, being totally different from the wooden coffee tables we used to know in our mother’s living room. It is transparent and you can admire the nice black support made of wood. I do not dare calling this support legs because they are nothing like legs, but more like two funny placed wooden skate blades. Any way, the support is perfect for the thick and heavy glass top that is actually the coffee table itself.

And the glass is so thick for one good reason: to avoid being broken by accident. As for the design, you can place this coffee table anywhere and it will still fit and look nice, even in my grandma’s living room. But I still stick to the modern room where you invite your friends over a cup of coffee as being the best place to display it. And if you want to purchase it you can do that online for $704 and at home depot coupons.

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