Tree Door by Victor Klassen

Trees are part of nature and they are certainly not humans. However, they are able to express many human feeling, or maybe we just see ourselves in them and interpret their appearance with our imagination. For example I find trees in bloom to be really “happy” and desolated leafless trees sad and miserable, like people who lost everything in life and can’t wait to end it. Maybe this is the reason why many artists have found inspiration in trees and represented them in different ways, in sculpture or painting or other art forms. This Tree Door by Victor Klassen is no exception, as it an work of art and design, an interpretation of reality.

This is actually a very beautiful wooden door that is completed by a tree trunk sculpted in relief. It shows great and looks as if coming out of the door frame. It is leafless and you can only see the empty branches and twisted trunk. It looks alive and grieving, as if for the lost leaves and everything is designed by Victor Klassen who does a great job by turning a regular door into a masterpiece. Even the door handle is indented into the door body and is made of wood and you can also choose the door to be single or double sided ($4500 or $6000 respectively).

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