Transparent Lucite Furniture And Interior Design Elements For A Seamless Touch Of Modern

Lucite, also known as plexiglas, is a synthetic organic compound and a material with high stability and good resistance to shock. It’s colorless and transparent and largely used in aircraft canopies and windows, boat windshields, car taillights, camera lenses but also ornaments and furniture. Because lucite is very resistant and also transparent, it’s widely used in modern interior design to add depth to a space and to make it seem more airy.

This modern nursery has a plexiglas crib which looks particularly interesting. It’s safe and secure but it’s also transparent and this means that you can easily take a peak at your baby without disturbing him/her and the baby can look around without an obstructed view.

This bedroom features a bench with plexiglas feet which make it look less robust and also match the delicate and simple décor in the room. It’s a much better choice than wood in this particular case.

In this eclectic dining room you can see a transparent lucite bar which looks quite interesting. Of course, everything stored inside is visible so you won’t be able to hide anything from your guests.

As we’ve already mentioned, we find lucite to be a particularly great material for the bedroom which needs to be airy, simple, relaxing and peaceful. Here, for example, you can see a lovely side table with lucite legs and a canopy bed with posts made from the same material.

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Lucite is commonly used for tabletops and desktops. They are usually used when the base of the table or desk is eye-catching and particularly interesting and deserves to be fully admired and not hidden under a solid tabletop.

Lucite is similar to glass because it looks fragile but it’s very strong and it can be used for all sorts of things, including guardrails for the staircase. This is another clever use of the material because it gives the staircase a less robust and visually-intrusive look.

This versatile material is also used for making wall-mounted shelves. Because the shelves are transparent, the books or the items stored and displayed there seem to be floating and they create a very beautiful visual effect.

Plexiglas chairs are very interesting. On one hand, they’re very practical because they seem to take up less space thanks to the fact that they’re transparent. On the other hand, be careful what you wear when you sit down.

Here’s a great use of plexiglas chairs in the dining room. They’re beautifully arranged around the table and they would make an open-plan living area seem more airy and spacious without much effort.

These lucite bar stools are simple and chic and they look great there. The whole room seems brighter when the colors and materials used for its interior design are delicate and meant to create harmony throughout.

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Lucite furniture is very versatile and it easily fits in any room and almost any type of décor. This contemporary bathroom features a lucite vanity stool which can easily go unnoticed. It complements the whole serene and minimalist look.

Of course, we absolutely have to talk about lucite coffee tables. Similar to glass coffee tables, they can be difficult to spot and can sometimes cause injuries and accidents so make sure they’re visible. These two, for example, have rope handles.

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