Toys Inspired Furniture by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Today’s inspired work is the Chidori furniture. Inspired by the traditional Japanese toys, architects Kengo Kuma and Associates came up with an unique piece. Designed for the East Japan Project, it can be exactly what you needed.

This incredible piece is made up of twelve wooden sticks that slot together without glue to form units that combined can be used as shelving items or tables. Named after Chidori toys that are made from simple wooden components with unique joints, the six-sided units can be connected to one another from any edge.

Made by skilled carpenters in the Tohoku region, which has traditionally been associated with small-scale craft manufacturing, this piece can become a great addition to any home.

The project for which it was designed offers support to the communities devastated by the Tohoku earthquake. What’s more, it refers to a way of life that is rooted in a locality.

Although this kind of system was forgotten due to the 20th century, it can be restored with the help of the Chidori furniture. It reevaluates its implications for a modern society. This interesting piece can be used for storage or as a table, it is functional and can be easily integrated in your current design.{found on dezeen}

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