Top 10 vintage home accessories you can buy

When decorating your home there are a lot of things to take into consideration. The colors are obviously important but so is the style you decide to adopt. It would be very simple to go with a modern décor but vintage home accessories can also be extremely beautiful. They have a certain charm that no other style offers and they can help create a very inviting and cozy interior. This Friday we’ve selected a series of 10 lovely vintage home accessories that can successfully turn a space into a home.

1. The vintage Suzani pillow – $350.

The Suzani pillow is part of a very large collection featuring similar and equally beautiful designs. Taking antique textiles and turning them into a one-of-a-kind pillow is how each of these items is created. Each pillow has a story and so does the material it’s made from. The Suzani pillow measures 12’’ x 18’’ and it can bought for $350.

2. Vintage “Butterfly” Taboret – $425.00.

The Butterfly taboret is a very beautiful piece of furniture that features a chic vintage design. It has red legs, gold detailing and painted butterfly all over its surface. The Butterfly Taboret is made of pine wood and its overall dimensions are 31″W x 11.5″D x 14″T. It’s a versatile piece of furniture and it would look beautiful in the living room, dining room, bedroom and anywhere else you find fit.

3. French Rattan Basket – £95.00.

Baskets are very helpful when you need some extra storage space. They also have a very versatile and casual look that makes them perfect for any room of the house. The French Rattan Basket is a handmade product and it’s great for laundry, papers, toys and all sorts of supplies. The white lining is 100% linen and it’s also removable. The basket is available in 4 sizes: small, medium, large and extra large.

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4. Stool 311 – 4.800 SEK.

This lovely and comfy piece of furniture was designed by Josef Frank. It’s made of rattan and bamboo and was designed in the 1930s but it’s still very beautiful and popular. It has a casual look and a beautiful vintage design. It’s also a versatile piece that can be very handy when extra guests come over or simply as an accessory for the home. It measures 30 H x 50 W x 50 D.

5. Antique wall clock by Heaven Sends – £24.95.

A wall clock is one of the most common accessories for the home. This particular item has a unique design and it features a metal outer case. It’s an antique accessory colored in a retro pale green tone and with a faded map background underneath the glass panel. The clock measures 43 cm in diameter and it takes 1 AA battery.

6. Vintage Extra Large Family Multi Photo frame by Heaven Sends – £59.95.

This is another beautiful creation of the same designed that made the clock presented above. It’s a beautiful photo frame made of distressed brown wood. It has spaces for 8 photos that together form a beautiful family portrait. The dimensions of the photo frame are 52.5×4.5×72.3cm.

7. The Cubby Hole unit – £89.00.

Featuring a stylish and elegant design, the Cubby Hole storage unit is perfect for dining rooms, kitchens and even offices. It’s a lovely vintage piece of furniture featuring wooden pigeon holes with little ceramic number plates. The unit also includes four practical drawers. The overall dimensions of this rustic unit are W55.5cm D20cm. It’s a very charming piece of furniture.

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8. The Basic wall lamp – £110.00.

With a very suggestive name and a simple design, the “Basic” wall lamp would make a functional addition to any room of the house. It’s made of aluminum and wood. It’s very simple and has a retro feel that makes it unique. The simple lines and overall design and modern and yet the lamp looks rather vintage. The overall dimensions of the Basic lamp are 43cm L x 26 cm diam x 20 cm H.

9. Vintage oval mirror – $99.

Any home needs a mirror. This one is perfect for those who want to create a vintage interior décor. The mirror has an oval shape and a simple design that makes it a great addition to any room. It has a natural weathered wood frame with natural wood finish. The overall dimensions of the mirror are 27.5″w x 1.5″d x 39.5″h and it comes with wall mounts for easy hanging.

10. Small wooden stool – £24.95.

Vintage accessories are not only for old people. Children can also enjoy the beauty of such pieces. This is a small wooden stool with a very simple but very cute design. It’s made of wood and it has been painted with a distressed green tone for an aged look. The stool is not necessarily for children. It’s also very useful when you want to reach something from the top shelf and all you need is a few inches.



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