Three-legged Furniture Brings You Style In A Simplified Form

A table and a few chairs are basic pieces of furniture and among the first things you buy when you move in. but just because they’re basic doesn’t mean that they have to be traditional and to follow a certain trend or pattern. But they don’t need to be too bold to stand out either. A simple twist like, let’s say three legs instead of four, can give them just the right amount of intrigue while maintaining a simple look.

A compact folding stool you can pack flat.

Designed by graduate student Jack Smith, this tripod seat features a simple construction but it also hides a twist. The stool is solid and strong but it’s also ingeniously designed so you can pack it flat. This allows you to easily store it and save space.

Sedia3 goes from 3D to 2D in seconds.

This is another space-saving design which also folds flat. It’s a creation of DORODESIGN and it’s called Sedia3 or Chair3. It’s made of wood and can be lifted from the rear and pushed towards the back to become flat.

Stool 60 – inspired by a classic design.

Stool 60 was designed by Alvar Aalto to in celebration of a classical and popular piece which turned 80. The Paimio Senatorium was designed in 1932 and it was the first of its kind. The stools designed to celebrate the anniversary have colored tops, they’re simple and stackable, just like the piece that inspired their design.

The Eiffel stool.

It’s easy to see where this stool gets is name from. It was designed by Shigeki Fujishiro and it’s a three-legged stool suitable for the work place, the reason for that being that the user can freely move around while sitting.

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Stool Olo was designed for a surf shop.

This simple yet intriguing piece was designed for the surf shop Frogs’ legs. It has a seat made of solid wood which is split into two parts fixed to a central strip. The base is made of lacquered metal.

The bucket stool is made with an actual bucket.

Designed by Pedersen+Lennard, this stool is built with a hand-made galvanized steel bucket, varnished plywood legs and an upholstered seat. The bucket is powder-coated for durability and it also provides you with a hidden storage space. It can also be used as an ice bucket.

Antique wooden stool with a versatile designed.

This three-legged stool was designed by Gorbel & Co. Furniure and it was meant to be a universal seal. It’s small, simple and interesting-looking so it can be used in the living room, in the kitchen, the dining room and even in the home office.

Concrete and glass table lights up the décor.

The fact that this table has only three legs is the least interesting fact about it. Designed by Michael Neubauer, the table is built with a concrete base and a lighted glass top. For those that prefer a simpler design, a plain version called Tristan is also available.

Three-legged picnic table defies gravity.

Named Guilielmus 010, this unique piece is an outdoor table and bench designed by Stijn Guilielmus Ruys. It only has three legs but it’s perfectly stable and incredibly practical. The table legs you enjoy all the extra space underneath without being bothered by the typical legs.

The Platta tables impresswith their thin figures.

Designed by Antti Pulli, these sleek tables were built using as little material as possible, hence their thin and minimalistic design. They’re ideas as side tables or coffee tables and they can be used in pairs as well. They have a metallic construction and they come in multiple colors.

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The Buddy tables is a timeless classical.

Buddy is a dished side table made of aluminum and wood. It’s available in two different heights and they feature an interesting and classical design. Also, they’re ideal for storing small items such as keys, remotes and other things. This also makes the tables perfect for the entryway.

Chic tripod table, part of the Incunabular collection.

Designed by Simon Moorhouse, this unique three-legged table has a very simple design. It’s a handmade piece and it blends traditional beauty with innovative modern design. The table is made of sustainably sourced walnut, ash or oak.

The seed-shaped Spire table.

This modern and sophisticated-looking table was designed by Philipp Von Hase. It has three legs and a central porcelain bowl which can be used as a planter, vase or fruit bowl. The top has two sections which can be removed and reveal hidden storage compartments.

The Trialog chair was designed for reverse sitting.

Designed by the same Philipp Von Hase, the Trialog chair has an interesting shape. It was designed for reverse sitting, encouraging people to sit more upright. The backrest becomes an armrest and the three-legged chair is very comfortable. It would fit perfectly in a modern décor.

Tablefields was inspired by rice fields.

This interesting-looking table was designed by Frederik Roije and it features a juxtaposition of geometric forms. The table features a series of powder-coated surfaces sitting at different heights. It has ash wood legs and it’s produced using a single piece of sheet metal.



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