These Chic Dining Tables Have All the Features on Your Wish List

The dining table just might be the most multipurpose piece of furniture in your house, so why shouldn’t it also be the most stylish? Sure you have meals on it, but it’s used for far more than that. It’s where you linger over coffee with friends, sit to read a newspaper or magazine, and even spread out for a larger home project.

A dining table is also the focus of the room so it sets the design tone for the entire space, whether that’s in an open-plan space or a separate, dedicated dining room. Along with the table, the chairs are of critical importance too: They have to be comfortable because of how much use they get. Here’s a selection of contemporary dining tables that check all the boxes on your wish list for comfort, style and function.

Besides being super stylish, Bodema’s Ci Table has extra functionality thanks to the built-in lazy Susan. The design is perfectly elegant for a dining room yet also perfect for family dinners. The beautifully veined marble top sits atop a round metal base that was formed from a 5mm sheet of bronzed or black lead polished metal. A complex process of bending and precision laser cutting is used to create the articulated form. On top, when the lazy Susan is not in use, it’s a marvelous platform to highlight any floral arrangement or other centerpiece. Around the table, Bodema’s Monica dining chair has the right mix of aesthetics and ergonomics. A frame of beech wood is padded and upholstered in leather, but fabric upholstery options are also available. The comfortable seat is set atop a base that is available in wenge-stained solid ash or upholstered in leather as the seat is.

Sometimes the focus of an elegant dining table is not on its top, but rather on the base that supports it. This is the case with EmmeBi’s Genesis Dining Table. A tempered plate glass tabletop sits on a sinuously swirled leg of sculpted solid black walnut, which makes the design feel lighter. The top itself comes in extra light or smoked glass or it can also be ordered in black walnut that has been matte-lacquered on one of the EmmeBi signature colors. If the dining room is larger, the Genesis table also comes in a rectangular shape with two sculpted pedestal bases and a wooden top. Whenever you choose, it’s important to pair this table with a chair that has a light and airy leg design so that the design of the table base can be seen. These particular leather chairs are ideal because of their minimalist design.

For those who prefer wooden dining tables, the Mo Table from Ritzwell is a streamlined and beautiful choice. The rounded edges of the design by Shinsaku Miyamoto is smooth and luxurious, as well as durable. Wooden tables are often passed through the generations and this is an ideal piece for a modern heirloom. Crafted from a solid oak base with either a solid oak or walnut top, the table has an easy feeling and helps create a warm and inviting scene. Alongside the table, the solid wood Marcel chairs are an ideal match. Available in walnut or oak, the chairs feature an upholstered seat and back panel for extra comfort. Also designed by Miyamoto, the chair has an elegant silhouette whose lines are deftly curved and rounded for an overall pleasing aesthetic.

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Another modern dining table with an amazing base is the Arcos from Tonon, with its highly architectural structure. Constructed from 8mm diameter chromed steel rod, the base is sturdy but light in appearance, giving it a bit of an edgy look. The wooden top is warm and natural and can be made from walnut, oak, beechwood or a lacquered version — whatever fits the decor best. This too is ideal for entertaining or for family dining. A good match for this table is the [email protected] Chair, designed by Martin Ballendat. The seat of the chair is actually made from a flat form that is then bent and fixed with steel hardware to hold the shape. It is comfortable yet feels visually light. In fact, the shell almost seems to float above the support, also made from black coated aluminum.  The solid oak or black walnut legs echo the angles of the metal table base and are light enough to allow for a view of its structure.

Another unique base design highlights Mac’s Table from Tonon. Designer Mac Stopa created this glass-topped sculpture in a way that it can be constructed of multiple elements that can be arranged in a variety of configurations. The base can be made from oak or American walnut, or in “Soft Touch”, which is a polyurethane that comes in 12 different colors to accent your design scheme. Each section of the base is joined to the others with a steel component to hold everything in place. Again, stylish chairs with minimalist legs are the ideal pairing because they allow the base to be seen more readily. The Lucky Chair, designed by Martin Ballendat, was conceived to be functional in cafeterias and public spaces, as well as in your own home. A flowing shape is created in a mold, yielding a very comfortable and durable shell that’s available in a rainbow of colors. The Lucky’s shell sits atop slim legs that can be had in steel, wood, steel or lacquered die-cast aluminum. It’s a very durable chair and perfect for family use,

Like an undulating wave, the base of the Orbit dining table from Natisa wends its way across the floor underneath the expansive marble tabletop. Named for the moon’s orbit, the base is made from more than 70 separate strips of ash wood in any one of three finishes. The top is shown in marble but is also available in glass or ceramic that is shiny or matte. Perhaps the best thing is that the combination and ultimate appearance is completely customizable to make it work exactly with your interior’s design. The lovely Rose dining chairs with the table are elegantly upholstered in velvet, which enhances the refined relaxation they provide. Vertical folds in the fabric paired with the back that curves around the seat make for an enveloping and comfortable dining chair. The base of the chair is available in three types of wood as well as metal.

A single sheet of metal is incredibly bent into a single, multifaceted design that serves as the base for the Cube dining table from Natisa. the interplay of light and shadow creates a form that is sophisticated as well as a bit edgy. Its geometry creates movement in a dynamic piece that supports a large, oval table, contrasting the founded form with the more angular one. The base — as well as the top — is available in a range of different materials that lend that table a completely different look. And, because of the angular vibe of the base, the best chairs for this table have some angular features themselves, as in these Melody chairs, also from Natisa. Slim, minimalist legs leave the table base on display while the seat itself is a very cozy and comfortable place to settle in for a leisurely dinner. The back is tall enough for plenty of support while the small lip on the arm sides of the chair adds a feeling of being enveloped but open for interacting with others at the table. The Melody chair also comes in a high-backed version as well as an armchair and stool.

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The aptly named Vortex table from Calligaris is an ideal centerpiece for a dining space because of its simple silhouette and more complex detail. Multiple metal bars swirl up the base, compacting as they converge in the middle, only to spread out again at the top. The clean look is nicely paired with a thin tabletop made from glass, metal, or a ceramic/glass combo as shown here. And, because the table base is the focal point of the table, the chairs must be spare so that they don’t block the view of the table. These chairs not only have a minimalist frame, but also separate seat and backrest sections.

One of the most convenient types of dining tables is an extendable style, especially if space is a concern. In days gone by these types of tables were typically made from wood with extension leaves that were entirely separate. Newer mechanisms, like the one in this Icaro table by Calligaris, eliminate the fuss automatically hide the extensions under the table. The base of the Icaro is made of veneered wood while the top can be made of wood or ceramic. The extensions are positioned at each end of the table like wings, giving you the option of opening one or both. Such an elegant table should have equally elegant upholstered chairs like the one s=shown here, which have a clean and sophisticated golden frame.

Extendable tables can also have a more modern, edgy look as in the Premier Drive table from Cattelan Italia. The sturdy steel base is folded into an angular design finished in a lacquer available in black, graphite or titanium. The top is made from glass that can be painted, frosted or left crystal clear. Designed by Andrea Lucatello and Giorgio Cattelan, the table has two extensions that slide out from either end of the table, adding a great deal of dining space when needed.

All these great examples of contemporary dining tables show that just because the table has to be functional does not mean that it has to lack style. From edgy to sophisticated to minimalist, the options are many so don’t settle for a plain rectangle if you don’t want one. Stylish dining tables are far more than four legs and a top!



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