The wood and metal WM Series by Tim Webber

As the name suggests, the WM Series is a collection of furniture made entirely of wood and metal (W and M). It’s a beautiful collection with pieces that share the same minimalist style and modern appearance. The combination of materials is very simple and common but not always used in this exclusive mix.

The WM Series was designed by New Zeeland-based Tim Webber. He decided to create a very simple collection of furniture pieces. They share very clean designs and simple forms with an overall bold and striking look. The whole project was an exploration of the interaction between two of the most commonly used materials in the furniture domain. These materials are wood and metal. They complement each other beautifully. The metal has the strength and force while the wood has the texture, the warmth and the connection with nature.

Wood and metal are two contrasting materials that yet manage to complement each other beautifully. The WM collection includes several types of furniture and lighting pieces. The designer used these materials to create original objects developed over time used people’s actual experiences with various types of items. To make the pieces both structurally and visually attractive, they have been finished in bold powder coated colors that enhance the contrast and makes the pieces even more eye-catching. Each item focuses on a single color and explores its properties.

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