The Vegas chest made from aluminium

Chests can be very helpful around the house. They are great storage containers and can be used for all sorts of items. Moreover, you can place them anywhere in the house. They are very functional but they usually also serve as stylish decorations for the home. Vintage and antique chests are probably the most popular. However, more modern designs can be equally eye-catching.

The Vegas chest is an eye-catching piece created by Kare design. The chest is part of the Vegas collection that also includes other pieces such as the Vegas armchair, the Vegas Sofa, the aluminum chest of drawers and matching bedside table and TV cabinet. The Vegas chest features a simple construction. It has a rectangular shape and it’s actually more than just a storage container. This is also a comfortable bench.

The Vegas chest would look wonderful in the bedroom, at the end of the bed. It will provide you with practical space to store pillows, blankets, etc and it will also serve as a comfy bench. The chest has an aluminum construction and this also makes it so eye-catching. It has a reflecting surface so it will be a very strong decorative piece for the room on its own. The frame of the chest is made of MDF, covered with aluminum. The upholstered bench features a cow hide cover. The overall dimensions of the Vegas chest are 0,5 x 1,22 x 0,5 m.

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