The Vanity Stool – An Accessory That Completes The Look

Sometimes found in bedrooms, other times in bathrooms, vanity tables are often perceived as chic accessories. Their designs adapt to a variety of styles but, regardless of that, they always a certain bohemian flair about them. Vanity tables are always accompanied by a chair or a stool and a small makeup vanity can also include other accessories such as mirrors or extra storage.

Bathroom vanities are often built into a larger unit and the stools fits underneathThe design of the vanity often dictates the design of the stool as the two match

The vanity stool is just as important as the table or cabinet itself. It can be an indicative of a particular style of influence and it can influence the design of the vanity. Although in some cases contrasts are welcome, both in terms of style and material or color, usually the vanity and the stool coordinate well together and share the same characteristics. So, for example, if acrylic furniture plays an important role throughout your home, these two pieces can feature the same characteristics as well.

But a vanity table can also fits into a nook and thus the stool doesn’t need to be smallBut the stool can also coordinate with other elements in the roomOr it can have an identity of its own while including elements that complement the vanity
In a white, simplistic setting, a cozy stool with a furry seat can turn the tablesThe vanity stool can be a simple means to add some color to the bathroom

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A vanity table or cabinet represent accessory furniture. It each has its functionality but it’s not a main piece. And while this detail could mean that it’s a perfect opportunity for this piece to blend in and to stay neutral, another option is for the vanity and its complementary stool to stand out and to serve as accent details. The stool itself becomes an accessory able to impact the room’s décor and style. The accessories which can be added to the duo are numerous, a mirror with lights being just one of them.

A bedroom vanity can have a stool that coordinates with the armchair, bed or another elementIf the style and design allow it, you can be a bit fancy when picking your chair
Vanity stool makeover.

Not happy with the way your old vanity stool looks now? How about a makeover. You can rejuvenate its design with some new upholstery or paint and you can even change the style completely. So remove the cushion top from the base and then use faux fur to wrap the stool. After you’ve covered the top, you can spray paint the base using your favorite color. Put the stool back together and you’re done.{found on lessthanperfectlifeofbliss}.



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