The unusual Venice console table by Claudio Bellini

The Venice console table is a very odd and unusual piece of furniture. When you analyze the elements separately they are all extremely simple, minimalist and not strange at all. However, when combined this way they result in a unique piece of furniture, not only eye-catching but that also has a very strong visual impact on the user.

The Venice console table features a base composed of several wood logs. They all have different dimensions and they all have their own unique details, just like in the nature. They make a total of six pieces and they form the base for the clear glass top. However, the top is not simply placed on top of these wooden logs. The logs penetrate the glass top and they stick out of the glass. These two materials and these two odd elements form a very delicate composition. They need to be placed at the right angle in order to make the table stand still and to also form a strong and durable piece of furniture.

Such an unusual and intriguing piece of furniture would definitely become an accent piece for any home. Because of tis design, it would look best in a modern or contemporary home, somewhere where it can be contemplated and where nothing else steels its attention. The Venice console table was designed by Claudio Bellini for Riva 1920 and it’s part of the Briccole Collection.

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