The timeless calendar that never expires

Calendars are very diverse. But behind all the differences that make them unique, they all have something in common. All calendars cover a specific and limited period of time. Usually, they are designed to cover an entire. But regardless of that, at one point the old calendar needs to be replaced by a new one. It seems natural this way.However, we did find a calendar that never expires.

It’s not an electronic device nor is it a metaphor. It’s an actual calendar, surprisingly small in terms of dimensions and that has a design that doesn’t rely on specific periods of time. This calendar is based on the basic elements used in all calendars. The difference is that this one is not already organized in weeks, months and years. It’s just a collection of cards with the names of the months and days of the week written on them and with smaller cards with numbers. It’s the user that has to put them together.

The Shuffle Calendar is an interactive product. It features plywood panels that can be arranged and rearranged as many times as you want. The calendar measures 4.5″Wx1.75″Dx6.25″H, it has an engineered wood base and comes with a set of plywood panels with numbers, names of the months and days of the week written on them. It’s something that would look interesting in an office but that would also be a great gift for someone.Available for 20 euros.

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