The table that has only two legs

Have you ever imagined a table with only two legs? Well, the designers from Ercol invented one, in their Prices Risbrough factory. But you need to make sure you put it near a wall, that’s a condition. The Quello Table has a contemporary design and with his minimalistic look, it fits very well in your room and it takes a few space for you to well place it. Even if you use it like o place to put your things on or you match it with a three legs chair to function like a desk, this table will resolve all your problems.

I say that because it has also a storage place. The top of the table slides and you got yourself a drawer to put your books or to put things that you can’t keep outside. And because it slides both ways, the things that you put above won`t be disturbed.

Made from oak tree and with a very nice and bright color, this Table will bring a cozy but yes fancy atmosphere to your home. And everyone will ask you how is it possible that a table stands only on two legs. This handcrafted table is perfect for hallways, but you can also use it for studying or simply reading a book.Available for £800.00.

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