The stylish Tobu round table by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger

This is Tobu, a stylish and elegant round table ready to become the center of attention in any home. The Tobu table was designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger for Walter Knoll and was presented at imm cologne 2012. It’s a very stylish piece of furniture and it’s also quite versatile.The Tobu table can be used as a large dining table or simply as a round meeting point in the living room. It has a simple but delicate and very stylish design. It also features a very lightweight look and this allows it to be easily integrated in a variety of different decors.

Also, even though it’s very lightweight, the Tobu table is also very stable and strong.The Tobu table features beautiful and delicate framework and a solid wooden top. It looks natural and elegant and it’s simply beautiful.

Notice that the top features two different heights. The center of the table is slightly more elevated while the edge is separate from it. This way you can place all the dishes in the center and it will be like they’re standing on a pedestal. This adds an aesthetic touch to al already very chic design. Moreover, because the center is a turntable, all the guests can reach the dishes they are interested in without moving around or asking someone else to do it.

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