The stylish Skyline tufted bed with velvet upholstery

In the bedroom it’s usually the bed that steals all the attention. So since it’s the star anyway, you might as well choose a stylish bed that deserves to be admired. One example would be the Skyline tufted bed, a simple but beautiful piece of furniture that would look equally elegant in any bedroom. What’s particularly interesting about this bed, besides the design itself, is the color of the upholstery that really makes it stand out.

The Skyline tufted bed will definitely become the centerpiece of your bedroom décor. It has a lovely design. It features a hand crafted frame made from solid pine wood with fiber velvet and thick foam padding for a high level of comfort. The bed also has a beautiful headboard featuring a classic shape. The headboard has flowing lines and button holes, simple but elegant details. You can purchase this elegant bed at the price of $560.99. The price varies with the size and other options.

The pewter colored upholstery of this bed is really something unusual. It’s a rare color, not as popular in the bedroom as blue, grey or white. The color makes the bed stand out and goes really well with the classical design. The Skyline bed is available in several sizes: twin, full, queen, king and Cal King. The last model has 3 support rails while the other ones have only one. The bed has metal legs and a pine wood frame and the headboard has adjustable height.

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