The stylish Martin bed by Enrico Cesana

In a bedroom, the most important item is the bed. It’s where the room also gets its name and it usually occupies the most space. The bed needs to be, first of all, comfortable. Even so, style is equally important. The Martin bed combines those two elements perfectly. Martin is a very beautiful bed. It has a very simple design and this makes it seem very distinguished and stylish.

The Martin bed is characterized by beautiful curved lines with soft edges and an overall delicate style. This elegant piece of furniture was designed by Enrico Cesana for Olivieri. It has a minimalist appearance and a very simple construction. The bed features a frame with a delicate headboard on one end. The frame is not compact. It has a decoupaged design that allows you to see underneath it. Even though it’s very sleek and delicate-looking, the frame is very strong and durable.

The frame features a platform on which rests the mattress. The frame always matches the headboard and the upholstery in terms of color and texture. It’s available in mat or high glossy lacquered finishes and the headboard comes in both fabric and leather. The Martin bed is a very sleek piece of furniture that offers comfort and style at the same time. It has a modern design and a minimalist appearance that makes it very versatile.Moreover, several colors are available.

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