The stylish and functional Guadalupe bed

In the bedroom there’s usually not as much space as one would want. Moreover, because the bedroom should be a relaxing and calm space, we should include as little furniture as possible in there. This way the décor will be clean, simple, organized and we’ll have a sense of liberty and freedom. At this point, the storage becomes a problem. The Guadalupe bed was designed in an attempt to solve at least one part of that problem.

The Guadalupe bed was designed for Milano Bedding. It’s a simple and beautiful bed with a modern design. It’s a fabric bed with no exposed frame. This makes it particularly comfortable and cozy. The Guadalupe bed also has an upholstered headboard. This increases the level of comfort and also allows the bed to seem complete. The contemporary design of the bed and the simplicity of the design make it a versatile piece of furniture.

The Guadalupe bed features an adjustable headrest and a grosgrain edging. These are elements that are available in a multitude of different colors. Also, the bed also offers you the option of choosing between the fixed slatted bedstead or one of the two storage variations. One model comes with regular storage placed underneath the mattress. There’s also a variant with Komodo storage. This model offers, in addition to the regular storage, a practical system that allows you to raise the slatted bedstead and the mattress. The Guadalupe bed requires assembly upon delivery. All models have removable covers.

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