The Space Saving Drop Leaf Table Designs Our Homes Dream Of

Drop-leaf tables are by definition space-efficient. They take up little space which makes it easy to store them and they can extend to accommodate more people which is always useful, especially if you’re entertaining often or if you have a large family. There aren’t that many variations in terms of structure or even design but even so, there are plenty of unique and interesting drop-leaf tables to choose from. Check out some of our favorite models below.

The Ingatorp table is perfect for small kitchens, featuring a three-piece setup. The version with no leaves is a nice option for two persons and includes the drawer space at the center and each of the two leaves adds an extra seat.

The Ikea PS 2012 drop leaf table is really stylish too. It has a simple and practical configuration which lets you use it in three different ways, with two, three or four seats The leaves are have slightly curved edges which give the table an almost oval shape when fully extended.

Some drop-leaf table designs like that of the Norden table focus on being as slim and as space-efficient as possible when in their compact form. In this case, the center section of the table also includes a good amount of storage which can come in handy.

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The Block table is pretty cool in the sense that, unlike most drop-leaf tables, it’s designed to be attached to a wall and only has one leaf. This makes a practical addition to a variety of spaces, including kitchens and dining areas. It can even function as a desk.

Another super cool option for space-savvy interiors is the Wally table which is a wall-mounted, compact module with a built-in fold down table. The table is minimalist and modern and has two metal legs which are released when the top folds down. The back panel can either be equipped with two or with four shelves.

The Eleonora drop-leaf table is quite interesting in the sense that its leaves expand the surface of the table making it wider, not longer. That’s because this is mainly a console table which can also function as a dining table when required.

As thin and small as a drop-leaf table may be when in its most compact form, it still has to be stored somewhere and that can be an inconvenient from an aesthetic point of view or because of a predefined layout. The Bigfoot table from Protek eliminates this problem completely. When you don’t need it, the table can simply disappear into the wall.

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As it turns out, drop-leaf console tables are extremely practical, especially in small spaces where there’s not enough room for a dedicated dining area. The Origami table is a elegant option, featuring a simple design with black metal legs and a top made of acacia wood or stained walnut.

Dining tables aren’t the only ones that can have leaves. Check out this cool Hans Wegner Sewing Table for example. It has a storage basket and storage compartments for things like yarn bobbins and other supplies. The top can expand, featuring two leaves that have a width of 27 cm each. The design is retro with a hint of modern charm.

Unlike in other cases, the leaves on the Cristal table don’t really make that much of a difference in terms of total length of the top. Still, they complete the table is an elegant and stylish manner. The overall design is appealing, putting together a metal base and a solid wood top.

If all you need is a small occasional table and you don’t want it to take up space all the time, you should check out the Bjursta table from Ikea which is designed to be wall-mounted and to function as a sleek shelf when folded down or as a table for two when extended.



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