The Sleigh Bed – What It Is And What It Offers

Most homes have regular, standard beds but every once in a while we come across a space that’s different. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are more types of beds that you’re probably aware of. Some varieties are not exactly popular or have some very specific design characteristics which don’t really allow them to be very versatile. For example, how often do you see a bedroom that has a sleigh bed? Actually, what is a sleigh bed anyway? Well it’s simple: as the name suggests, it’s a bed that looks similar to a sled or sleigh. Its most notable design features are the curved or scrolled foot and headboard.

Most often than not sleigh beds are made of wood and are quite heavy. This one is a very good example. this is a kid’s bedroom designed by Mc3DesignStudio and the sleigh bed has this lovely canopy which matches the drapes.

A sleigh bed also tends to have a delicate, feminine appearance in spite of its robust and heavy structure. That makes a good candidate for the master bedroom or for guest rooms. This is a space designed by Domiteaux Architecture which has a traditional-style decor. It’s not just the bed that has curves but also the vanity, the lamps, the armchairs and even the walls.

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It’s possible for a sleigh bed to have an upholstered frame, as showcased in this elegant bedroom interior by J Visser Design. The fabric softens the curves of the frame and hightlights

The sleigh bed looks great in this rustic bedroom. Jaffa Group Design Build also gave the space a cozy fireplace with a stone surround and light brown floor carpeting which creates a warm and welcoming ambiance and a decor that’s a mixture of traditional, rustic and modern.

Curious how a sleigh bed would look like in a contemporary bedroom? Check out this beautiful example created by AMW Design Studio. It has a refined and breezy look but at the same time it’s furnished with heavy pieces, including the bed, the armchair and the nightstands.

Even though the sleigh bed is definitely robust and heavy, that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as this bedroom designed by Beth Webb Interiors shows us here. We love the monochromatic palette and the choice of a warm neutral and very subtle pastel accents.

There are all sorts of design variations when it comes to sleigh beds. Some have prominent curves while others are simpler in this sense. The master bedroom that Susan Klimala, CKD, CBD designed here definitely features the first option. The bed is the focal point of the room and not just because of its size but also because of its design, in particular the tufted headboard and footboard panels.

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Let’s also check out a simplified version of the sleigh bed. This traditional bedroom interior is designed by T-Olives. Unlike a lot of other sleigh beds, this one actually looks quite lightweight and slender while still maintaining the defining characteristics of the design and highlighting them in an elegant manner.

Some designs seem to be a sort of hybrids, combinations of elements from two or more styles. For example this bedroom by Anderson Homes features a type of sleigh bed with this unusual canopy-like structure attached to its headboard.

This boldly-colored sleigh bed that Jigsaw Interior Architecture chose for this kids’ bedroom is quite interesting and it doesn’t all have to do with the color or the curved frame. One of the coolest things about it is the built-in storage system. There’s this big pull-out drawer which lets you store pillows, blankets and other stuff under the bed.



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