The sleek Pavillion nightstand

The Pavillion nightstand is one of those pieces of furniture that has a strong presence simply because of its compact design and dark finish. Even though it features a minimalist design, the nightstand also has a sophisticated look. It lacks any unnecessary details and ornaments, even the hardware being invisible to the eye. This means that it impresses solely with its shape and form.

The nightstand has a sleek design and it also has a black lacquer finish that makes it somewhat mysterious and imposing, without having a massive look. It’s been crafted using solid mahogany and mahogany veneer and it features a recessed plinth base. The unit offers two drawers of generous dimensions, perfect for storing some books, magazines, pills, chargers and anything else you might need by your bedside. It has a hardware-free design and self-closing glides that give it a sophisticated and elegant appeal.

The nightstand also features a floating top shelf that shelters an open storage. This area can be used to display certain items or to store the alarm clock, the phone, the book you’re reading before going to sleep and maybe a glass of water. The Pavillion nightstand is a beautiful statement piece. It’s made in Indonesia and it can be purchased at the price of EUR 430.09. It’s simple design and chic look allow it to easily integrate in any type of interior.

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