The Severin Bookshelf by Alex de Rouvray

The Severin bookshelf is a very interesting piece that was a creation of Paris-based designer Alex de Rouvray. The name of the bookshelf makes it stand out even before you can see it but the actual design and shape also support the same theory. This is a freestanding unit with a minimalist design and a modern and versatile look.

The unit is actually very versatile and it can be used as a shelving unit for storing books but also as a room divider or a media unit for CDs, DVDs and other items. The shelves can also be sued to display an unlimited number of decorations, personal treasures and collections. The shape and design of the unit make it easy to adapt and easy to integrate in a variety of different decors. It can easily double as a room divider if necessary.

The Severin bookshelf is made from powder-coated steel and American walnut veneer. It’s a part of the Severin Line that was launched earlier in 2012 and that also includes other similar pieces. They all share the same cantilever structures and minimalist designs and can be sued to elegantly furnish any modern and contemporary living room. The collection includes a coffee table with either wood of glass top, a series of side tables and even a dining or office table. They are made from similar materials and share in common the same details that make them all stand out.

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