The sectional wooden storage Tosai wall unit

A wall unit is usually the standard choice for living rooms. It’s a practical solution is a room usually used as a gathering space for all family members and for guests. A wall unit provides functional storage space for all the supplies , accessories, decorations and other items usually used in the living room. It’s also a very common choice because it’s a unit that also provides space for the TV, stereo, speakers and other elements. Of course, the looks have a say in this too.This is the Tosai wall unit. It has all the features mentioned above and more. The Tosa unit is also a modular piece of furniture.

It’s a system designed by Peter Maly for Conde House Europe GmbH and it’s part of the Tosai collection. It’s a very appealing, not to mention practical and functional system. It features a minimalist design and a modern look. The system is modular and it can be adapted according to the user’s needs. It was individually manufactured and yet it has continuous surface structures.

The Tosai wall unit is available in two models, either free-standing or wall-mounted. It’s a unit that combines the simplicity of modern design with the beauty of traditional timber construction. The designer, Peter Maly, is known for the redced designs he creates and this one is no exception. The classical beauty of natural materials is complemented by the strength and durability of stainless steel details. The unit is also available is several color combinations. The main structure is either simple and with a natural wood finish or stained in a darker tone. The modular pieces that can be moved from side to side are either white or light brown.

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