The sculptural ripples of the ocean now in your living room thanks to Tyson Atwell

Even though our planet is approximately 70% water and we have five amazing oceans, we know very little about that part of the world. It’s probably why it’s so mysterious and why we’re so fascinated about it. But it’s not just the mystery of the bottom of the oceans that mesmerizes us but everything about them, even the gentle waves and ripples that the water forms close to the shore.

It’s those small details that American designer Tyson Atwell incorporated in his spectacular creation, the “Ocean’s Edge” dining table. The name of the piece is very suggestive. It is unclear exactly how the base applies to the top of the table. It was probably chosen to merely express the modernity of the concept. The base is simple but not monotonous. Also, the clear angles of the base come in contrast with the delicate curves of the top. It’s probably also an attempt to create balance and to avoid creating something that lacks the necessary complexity to become a focal point for the décor.

The Ocean’s Edge table was created using a CNC router to digitally sculpt oceanic waveforms moving across planar wood surfaces. This way a beautiful, sculptural surface rises from the center of the table. Its undulating forms are very beautiful and manage to transmit an image very similar to that of the ocean’s waves. Given the texture and color of the top, these waves can also be looked at as ripples from the bottom of the ocean.

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