The Refined And Sophisticated Side Of The Brass Coffee Table

Brass is one of the most widely used alloys thanks to its easy production process as well as the unique properties of the material. It’s used to make nuts, bolts, taps and injectors but also beautiful furniture which is quite the contrast. Imagine a brass coffee table in the middle of your living room. It would most likely stand out from the rest of the furniture but that’s usually what we want anyway so let’s check out of the design options that you can choose from.

Orion coffee table made from timeless brass and marble

Tavolini echo coffee tables

The Echo series is comprised of three coffee tables with brass structures and tops made of either marble or glass. The brass base is triangular and supports a round shelf which is made of a material complementary to the top. They tables are sophisticated and simple and their geometry is beautiful and elegant.

Collection of brass base coffee tables with marble on top

With brass coffee tables the design is often geometric in some way. Take this brass and marble table series. The combination of materials is eye-catching and fresh and the design’s geometric lines and patterns are strong and quite memorable. Nevertheless, the tables remain versatile and able to complement a variety of different decors and settings.

Stool and Table with brass top

Although it’s more unusual for a table to have a brass top rather than a brass base, that doesn’t completely eliminate the possibility. In fact, this particular accent table is one of the most interesting ones so far. It’s a sort of seamless blend between a furniture piece and a sculpture.

Blue Glass top coffee table and brass base

The far more common option is that of a coffee table with this type of thin and sculptural brass frame which holds a slender glass top. It’s not just the choice of materials and finishes that make the table stand out but also the actual design which is as stylish as it is versatile. Since the table is perfectly capably of standing out on its own, we suggest pairing it with minimal pieces and neutral colors.

Tall coffee table with glass top and brass base

This is another stylish example of a brass coffee table which can easily serve as a focal point for the entire space it sits in. The hexagon-shaped top would be a pretty eye-catching design feature if not for the slender, geometric metal frame which stands out even more in this case. Given the height, we’d say this is actually a side table more than it is a coffee table so think of it more as an accent piece which you can add to just about any room of your home.

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This is the Darbuka table designed by Mermelada Estudio. It’s a brass coffee table with a funky and eye-catching design inspired by North African drums. The brass frame supports a heavy cement semi-sphere with a stone-like appearance. The design is minimal but memorable and very interesting, featuring the perfect balance of materials, proportions, colors and finishes.

The Ringside Table is another beautiful piece which incorporates brass into its design and structure. It has an open cylinder construction with a frame made of brass-plated steel. The top is made of Carrara marble and is available in white with gray veining. The low-profile design and select materials make this table a stunning focal point for any living room.

Rectangular coffee tables are quite popular and comparable to the round tables in this sense. the Elke coffee table is a very stylish example. It has an elegant and refined design inspired by mid-century modern furniture. The top is made of Banswara marble and has rounded edges which soften the look. The cast aluminum base has a polished brass finish and it too features smooth, rounded corners and edges.

On the opposite pole we have the Dylan coffee table which features strong, angular features and acute angles. This is indeed a unique table. Its tapered legs are angled in a very unusual manner while everything else about the table is pretty common and conventional. The brushed brass finish highlights the design in a stylish manner.

Another unusual piece is this Brass + Concrete coffee table. Its design is a combination of industrial and elegant with just a hint of rustic. The concrete top has a clean, rectangular shape and four antiqued brass legs frame it on all four corners. The legs are tapered and this gives them a slender and sleek allure.

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Circular coffee tables are the other popular option and there are some amazing brass designs in this case too. You may think that a brass coffee table wouldn’t look glamorous but that’s not true, at least not in all cases. This marble-topped pedestal table from Westelm is a great example. Its Carrara marble top sits on a metal base with a very solid and robust look but in spite of that the overall impression is that of a sophisticated piece.

In addition to looking cool and stylish, the Drum coffee table comes with a surprise feature: a secret storage area underneath the wooden top which, by the way, looks gorgeous. To access it, simply lift off the top and store inside whatever you want to keep out of sight. It’s quick, easy and convenient, especially since there’s usually a bunch of things that need to occasionally be stored away in the living room.

The Turner coffee table is pretty special too. Its design is not distinctly modern nor is this clearly traditional or related to another style. This gives the table plenty of versatility. the inset antique mirror top is an exquisite design feature, the same as the metal base which has a distinctive gold finish. The design is refined without reaching opulence.

The last brass coffee table that we want to show you today also has a design inspired by the shape of a drum. We found this product on Westelm and it’s one of the most interesting and memorable coffee tables we’ve ever seen. One of the coolest things about it is the fact that it’s hand-hammered which means that each piece is unique. The smooth top gives the table a polished and refined look while everything else about it suggests a rugged appearance.



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