The Rawson metal drum accent table

Accent tables are called like that for a reason. They bring something new to the décor and they usually have interesting and eye-catching designs that allow them to perform a double function: that of functional furniture and that of decoration. The Rawson table is no exception. In fact, it has a very interesting and unusual design.

The Rawson accent table is a drum-shaped piece of furniture. The table is made of metal and it can be purchased at the price of 161.58 euros.As the look suggests, it’s a unique piece carefully and meticulously crafted by artisans. The Rawson table got its drum-shape through meticulous hand hammering. This also created the dimpled surface. The table measures 15’’ in diameter and it’s 19.5’’ high. Even though it has such a unique shape and texture, the table is in fact quite versatile. It can be successfully integrated in a variety of different decors, both traditional and modern.

The Rawson drum-shaped accent table is made of wrought iron and has an antique-bronze finish. It features a hollow base. The top is not removable. As you can imagine, it’s quite heavy (24.5 pounds) so be careful when choosing where you want to place it because it won’t be easy to move it around. Still, it has been equipped with handles and this makes it easier to carry.

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