The playful Keramos furniture collection by Coprodotto

Keramos is a very cheerful and playful-looking collection of furniture that was designed by Coprodotto, more exactly by Adriano Design and La Castellamonte. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the Keramos cabinets. There are three of them and they all have colorful and friendly looks.

The Keramoc cabinets are crafted from glazed ceramic and wood. Since La Castellamonte is an expert in stoves and ceramic production, this material was a must-have for this collaboration. The ancient tradition of Castellamonte dates back to the 13th century. It has been preserved but also innovated and updated. In collaboration with Adriano Design, the team managed to come up with a unique range of products. They are modular ceramic containers with simple but attractive, versatile and playful designs.

After researching the process, the team of designers came up with an innovative system of ceramic modules. These are combined with wooden elements and the result is a unique piece of furniture. The containers feature ceramic shells which make them easily recognizable.

These distinctive pieces of furniture are produced in 99 pieces, each with their own number. They are also signed and they come with a certificate signed by the designers and the producers. The cabinets have creative designs and very friendly looks. They are also quite versatile and both children and adults find them beautiful. Their bright and vibrant finishes make them stand out. The cabinets are a unique way of storing your treasures.

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