The Piano Hanger by Patrick Seha

The Piano Hanger is a very practical and functional accessory for any home. Hangers are usually this way. However, this particular one impresses both with its practicality and its clever and interesting design. The Piano Hanger was designed by Patrick Seha for Belgian company Feld and it is based on a very common and simple principle.

The inspiration for this hanger was, as the name suggests, the piano. The hanger is completely flat when not used. But whenever you need to hang a coat, a bag or anything else you just need to unfold one of the hooks that compose the hanger’s structure. Whenever one side of the hook is pressed down, the other one goes upwards. The principle is very similar to that of the piano. The similarity with the musical instruments ends here. The hanger doesn’t make any sounds when you press the hooks nor does it feature the same colors.

It would have been interesting to see how the hanger would look like painted in black and white, like the actual keys of the piano. You could probably make an experiment and paint it yourself. The Piano hanger is a very simple item with a very simple design. It’s also child-friendly and very versatile, due to its look and use of materials. Another great advantage is that it’s completely flat when not in use and thus allows you to save some space in the hallway or wherever the hanger is placed.

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