The Perfect Magazine Rack For Your Reading Corner

Still trying to find the perfect configuration for your cozy reading corner? It’s no wonder, with so many variables and so many different options to choose from when it comes to furniture and accessories. Chairs with built-in storage are a pretty good idea if you’re trying to save some space or to simplify your decor. But if you’d rather take your chances and try to find a chair that’s really comfortable, since that’s what matters the most, you can then complement it with a magazine rack or with a side table. As it happens, we’re prepared to offer you some suggestions in this sense so get ready to enter the world of magazine racks and to discover their hidden secrets.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams designed something called The Third Eye Vessel. It’s a magazine rack which has a rather unusual form. Its body is made up of three panels that form a sort of open box that lets you place your books along its sides so they can be automatically aligned. It’s a simple and clever system and the marble really makes the piece pop.

If you’re in the mood for something classic, perhaps this Gazette rack would make you happy. Its simple design allows it to be versatile and to serve as both a magazine rack and as a book storage option. Moreover, it’s easy to imagine this accent piece in just about any type of space or decor.

The Atocha magazine rack is casual enough to integrate well in modern and contemporary lounge areas but also elegant enough to look good in formal environments. It has an X-shaped wooden frame that holds a leather sling. The size makes it suitable for the storage of magazines although you could also use it t hold books if you want.

Unlike the other products we’ve looked at so far, the Float rack is designed to only hold magazines, the slots being too narrow for books. IT can hold up to 12 magazines suspending them at an angle. The rack is crafted from powder-coated steel and, despite its unusual form, it can maintain a perfect balance whether it’s full of magazines or not.

The studio that designed the MW magazine rack is known for its preference for minimalist, low-tech designs and the desire to create accessories that adapt to the lifestyle and their users. This one of those accessories, a magazine rack with a simple, lightweight and durable construction and a sculptural form perfect for bathroom.

This Plywood magazine rack has a pretty straight-forward design. It has a sleek metal frame that holds a body made of molded plywood. The gentle curve gives the rack a pleasant and enjoyable look and coordinates well with the design of the metal frame. The feet end in solid brass or black ball caps.

This is the Saddle rack, an elegant accessory that holds magazines and books in two leather pouches or pockets. The pockets are draped over a base which is available in marble or walnut. They’re really versatile and can also hold a variety of other objects such as tablets, phones and personal items.

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When you’re sitting on your or on your favorite comfy chair, reading, sometimes you need a rack on which to put your book or magazine and sometimes you need a side table or a shelf on which to put your drink, phone, glasses, etc. The ETable combines these two functions, being a magazine rack and a side table in one.

The Book Keeper is specifically designed to let you store and organize your favorite books as you’re reading them. It has a simple and sculptural design which is quite easy to integrate in a variety of decors and spaces, be they industrial, rustic, modern or traditional. You can keep this accessory on a desk or directly on the floor.

Here’s another magazine rack that impresses with its sculptural form and clean geometry. It’s called Who’s Next and it’s designed by Marco Ripa. It allows users to place and store books and magazines are various angles and in various different ways. The form is the result of the combination between a cube and a rectangle.

Simplicity is often prefered when it comes to the little things, the accent pieces, the decorations and the accessories. Things like magazine racks or side tables don’t need to stand out in an ostensive way as long as they can be special through more subtle means, such as the lovely combination of bent steel wire and leather in this particular case. {found on makr}.

This doesn’t look like much. It’s basically just a box with slots. Still, that’s actually a really good design option for a magazine rack. In addition, the box called Ivey isn’t that bad-looking either. Its compact design suits it well and allows it to be both practical and stylish. Two handles make it easy to carry the box around. The design is reminiscent of old vinyl records and the units in which they were stored.

This quirky accessory is part of the Saddle Ring desk collection. It’s designed to be a multipurpose accessory for offices, workspaces and other similar environments. That meant you can use it to store and organize books, magazines, files, even your mail.

There are lots of ways in which you can combine functions if you want to save space or simply to feel more comfortable and to make the most of your home and the furniture in it. For instance, a magazine rack can double as a side table or at least include a shelf or a small surface on which to place a cup or glass.

Geometric designs are very popular, especially in modern and contemporary settings. As it turns out, they’re also very practical when it comes to magazine racks and storage units in general.

Some designs combine two different functions that aren’t usually seen together. This, for example, is a bench hat has a built-in magazine rack on one side. It’s a clever combination that comes in handy in certain configurations.

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Isn’t this magazine rack just lovely? It closes like a suitcase and it lets you carry your favorite magazines or books in a rather fashionable and stylish way.

As it turns out, combining a magazine rack and a side table into one single piece of furniture is not that difficult and there are lots of different ways in which this can be done. This seems to be primarily a table with a leather pocket underneath for storing books and other things.

This magazine holder is very sleek, looking like a pocket attached to the side of a sofa, armchair or sectional module. It won’t hold too many items but it’s practical enough to keep the things you need close at hand.

Sure, all these great magazine racks you find in stores or on order can turn out to be just what you need but sometimes even that isn’t enough. If what you want can’t be found in stores, perhaps you could build that thing yourself. Maybe you can repurpose some things to make your own magazine rack or book storage unit.

This is also the type of magazine holder that you can craft yourself. You just need two rectangular wooden planks a saw and a ruler. Cut out a slit in each board so you can then intersect them and create an X-shaped piece just like this one. Find more detailed instructions here. The design is, as you can see, very simple but also pretty eye-catching and easy to adapt to a variety of different settings, decors and layouts. Feel free to customize the dimensions, the colors and pretty much everything else about this DIY project.

In case you’d rather opt for something bit some industrial flair, craft yourself one of these pipe magazine holders. Get some copper pipes and fittings and a piece of wool felt which you’ll be using to make the pocket that holds the magazines. It’s all quite simple actually and there are many ways in which you can customize and personalize this project. Copper pipes are really versatile and easy to work with and this is just one of the many things you can create with them.

You can also craft a quirky little magazine holder using wood scraps and leather straps. It’s a simple project described here. You should be able to complete it quickly and after that you can look for ways to customize the whole thing according to your needs and in a way that lets in blend in (or stand out) in your existing home home. You can also adapt the idea to create something else like a mail station.

Speaking of vinyl records, you can still find storage units for such things and, if you like the way they look and the nostalgia that defines them, you could even repurpose them as magazine racks. Check out Vincent, a perfect example that illustrates the idea we just mentioned.



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