The Peekaboo clear nesting tables

There are the Peekaboo tables. When you think about it, the name is a little ironic. The tables are transparent so hiding anywhere around them would be practically impossible. Yet there’s also another way to interpret the name. Since it’s a set of three nesting tables, two of them are always hidden underneath the third one and since they are all transparent, they remain hidden there without being spotted.

The Peekaboo set includes three nesting tables with similar designs but different dimensions. The set can be purchased at the price of 160.98 euros. They are transparent surfaces that can subtly invade your home without changing anything. Because of their lack of color, the tables are the perfect set to include in any type of interior. The tables are made of molded acrylic. They have minimalist and clean designs and they made of a continuous surface.

The Peekaboo set of tables is great for the living room and they can also be used as bedside tables. They can be used separately or simply nested together forming one unit. The great thing about these tables is that they take very little space compared to three usual tables. They are great for small homes but not necessarily. Make sure you keep them clean and try to avoid scratches. To clean them just use mild soap and water.Available for 160 euros.

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