The Panama Leather highboard by M. & D. Riva

The Panama highboard is a very elegant and beautiful piece of furniture. It was designed by M. & D. Riva and it features an odd combination of materials. The Panama unit is crafted from wood and leather. This combination results in a classic and timeless look and a stylish overall design.

The wood enhances the beauty and elegance of the leather and the leather looks very beautiful in combination with the wood, particularly with the finish it features. The Panama unit was designed to be sued as a storage unit for chinaware and glasses. It can also serve as a drink bar. It’s a versatile piece of furniture despite its peculiar look. The unit features two doors that are covered with hand-stitched leather. This makes the highboard look unique and exclusive.

The interior is composed of both shelves and drawers. This offers the user the opportunity to choose what and where to store. The drawers can be sued to store napkins and other small objects while the shelves can accommodate glasses and dinnerware. The same unit is also available in a smaller version. The 60-cm deep cupboard version has a customizable interior. Moreover, if you prefer something different from the leather-covered version, there’s also a model only in wood with a fucsia finish. Both versions are eye-catching, each in its own way.

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