The Overland Cross Table

The Overland Cross Table is a small but very practical piece of furniture. It has a folding base and this allows it to be easily stored away when not needed. In this case, the design is both functional and good-looking. The rest of the design is rather square-shaped. The table has a simple but rugged look and yet it has flair and looks refined.

The Overland Cross Table has been crafted of dense and durable teak. It’s strong and durable but it also has a sleek design. It has a natural smooth finish and the tone in the grain of the wood is visible to the eye. The table features three spacious drawers that have been included in the main body. These drawers are set atop the cross-shaped base and they are fairly large. They are great for storing a lot of different items such as books, socks, magazines, small collectibles, etc.

The Overland Cross Table is handmade of teak and features brass hardware. The overall dimensions of the table are 19.5″ W x 15.5″ D x 29″ H. Upon delivery, the product will require a one-time customer assembly. It’s a simple process and instructions are included. Because the top of the table is heavy and might present danger to children if they pull the handles of the drawers, furniture wall straps are included and can be used to secure the table to a wall.Available for 395$.

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